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CWLS Water Level Sensor
Replacement Water Level Sensor for CW series water chillers. Typically using a 5-24VDC signal.  Wire length: ~20cm The switch circuit is Normally Open with the float dropped below the sensor (water level is low).  When the water level is above the sensor, the float is pushed up and actuates the sensor. The switch circuit becomes closed.  ..
Proximity Sensor Switch (8mm Barrel - 1.5m cable)
Features: This sensor is a widely used in automatic control industry for non-contact detecting metal at the front tip of the sensor barrel.  The signal would then switch a transistor to pull current into the black wire (NPN sinking type control).  This sensor is an inductive type proximity switch.  This sensor is commonly used for the axis limit switch (home position) as well as the auto-focus position sensor.     Specifications: Signal Polarity: NPN Detection Wire Type: 3 Wire Type (Brown=Voltage, Blue=GND, Black=Signal) Voltage: 10-24 ..