LaserCut Authorization Dongle White (USED)

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The USB Dongle is used in conjunction with the LaserCut53 software and the laser machine motion controller. This dongle allows the software to be opened without any restrictions that are placed on the "demo" mode version. The software would be able to Open files, save projects, and communicate with the laser machine.

The White USB Dongle works with the following motion controller models:

  • MPC-03 internal card motion controllers
  • MPC 6515 with firmware and newer
  • MPC 6525 all firmwares
  • MPC 6535 all firmwares
  • MPC 6565 all firmwares
  • MPC 6575 all firmwares


The color of the USB Dongle is directly related to the versions of the software that is compatible. The blue and green dongles were used in conjunction with controllers MPC 6515 with firmware and

This item is treated the same as software.  No refunds or returns will be allowed after the package is opened.

Many laser machines that used Leetro controllers are being upgraded to using the RDC 6442X controllers from Ruida.  The previous Leetro controllers and Dongle are removed from the laser machines and then tested and used as spare parts.  The primary users of these spare parts are highschools and colleges that still use the Leetro system and LaserCut53 software.  These "Used Spare Parts" are offered here at a discount price at a very limited quantity.