DZ47-63 C20 Circuit Breaker

Product Code: DZ47-63 C20 Circuit Breaker
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DZ47-63 C20 Circuit Breaker 
Rated Current: 20A
Rated Voltage: 400V
Rated Circuit Breaking Capacity: 4000A
Number of Poles: 2
Overall Size:79mm x 36mm x 74mm or3.11'' x 1.42'' x 2.91''
Rail Mounting : 35mm DIN Rail
This is a great circuit breaker used to protect a low-voltage electrical system from damage caused by excess current resulting from an overload or short circuit.
Fast trip to ensure reliable operation of the load and prolong the life of electrical circuit breakers. It can also work as on-off switch for load circuits.
It can be easily installed on the DIN standard guide rail in distribution box.