CIC-8 Safety Interlock Connector, 8-pin

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A 8-pin replacement Cable Interlock Connector for laser machines.  This connector is commonly used for an 8-wire device to connect from machine to an attachment device.

This is a set of male and female connectors.  The male connector (with pins) is mounted to the wall of the enclosure.  The female connector (receiver sockets) is soldered to the wires of a cable.

Model Number: CIC-8
Other Names: Aviation Connector Straight Plug or GX16 connector
Gender Type: Male & Female = (the set is a pair)
Model Mounting Size: 16mm or 0.63in
Install Type: Screw Thread Tighten
Coupling: Threaded Coupling
Rated Voltage: 250V (Maximum)
Rated Current: 7A (Max per Pin)
Contact Resistance: (Less than 5Ω)
PIN of Number: 8 (PINs)
Application Use for: Connector Cable (Solder)
Mounting Material: Hard Plastic, Alloy, Nickel-Plate, Silver
Certifications: CSA UL Listed
Ambient Temperature: -31deg F ~ 140deg F
Shipping Weight: 2 OZ (per 1 Piece)
Package Contain: 1 Pair Aviation Plug

This plug connector is easy to use and commonly found in industrial machines such as: data acquisition systems, computer automation measurement and control systems, mechanical equipment, audio, video, communications, automotive.