Stepper Motor Gear Pulley

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3 phase 1.2 degree stepping angle

573S15-L  3 phase stepper motor gear pulley, 1.3NM, 1.2 degreee 5.8A.

Holding toque of 0.9 N*m to 1.5 N*m (128 - 184 oz-in)

High precision

Smooth movement

Low motor heating

Low movement noise

Angle Accuracy

+5%(full step, no load)

Temperature Rise

80°C Max

Ambient Temperature

-10°C -- +50°C

Insulation Resistance


Dielectric Strength

500VAC for one minute

Shaft Radial Play

0.06 Max.(450g-load)

Shaft Axial Play

0.08 max.(450g-load)