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RuiDa laser cutting engraving control system RDC6442G RDC644XG Core Technology Development System is the latest generation of laser engraving / cutting control system.  The control system has better hardware stability, better resistance to high pressure, and static interference characteristics. The 3.5-inch color screen based HMI operating system has a more powerful and user friendly interface. The controller includes better and more superior motion control functions with larger file storage, stronger compatibility, dual independently adjustable laser power control interface , stronger compatibility U disk driver, multiple generic/private IO control , communication with PC supports Ethernet communications and automatic optional USB communication. 

The sixth generation controller
Controller version number
4 axis card
Display Type (1: TTF character screen; 2:3.5 inch color screen; 3:5.7 inch color screen; 4:7 -inch touch screen.) Standard functions

1.  Digital laser control signal
     (1) TTL level output, 50mA drive capability
     (2) PWM Adjustable Frequency 2K ~ 50K
     (3) PWM duty cycle of 1% to 99% adjustable
2.  OC motor control signal output, 300mA drive capability
3.  Maximum motor control pulse frequency 500KHZ
4.  The maximum transfer rate of USB 12M, the longest distance 5 m
5.  Line / circle / B -spine interpolation accuracy + / -0.5 pulse
6   4 -way universal optical isolation OC gate output, maximum 500mA drive capability (with freewheeling protection)
7.  4 Universal opt-isolated inputs, compatible logic levels 5V/12V/24V