CIC-2 Cable Interlock Connector, 2-pin

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A 2-pin Cable Interlock Connector for CW series water chillers

This is a set of (1) male and (1) female connectors.  The male connector (with pins) is mounted to the wall of the enclosure.  The female connector (receiver sockets) is soldered to the wires of a cable.

Model Number: CIC-2
Other Names: Aviation Connector Straight Plug or GX16 connector
Gender Type: Male & Female = (the set is a pair)
Model Mounting Size: 16mm or 0.63in
Install Type: Screw Thread Tighten
Coupling: Threaded Coupling
Rated Voltage: 250V (Maximum)
Rated Current: 7A (Max per Pin)
Contact Resistance: (Less than 5Ω)
PIN of Number: 2 (PINs)
Application Use for: Connector Cable (Solder)
Mounting Material: Hard Plastic, Alloy, Nickel-Plate, Silver
Certifications: CSA UL Listed
Ambient Temperature: -31deg F ~ 140deg F
Shipping Weight: 2 OZ (per 1 Piece)
Package Contain: 1 Pair Aviation Plug  

This plug connector is easy to use and commonly found in industrial machines such as: data acquisition systems, computer automation measurement and control systems, mechanical equipment, audio, video, communications, automotive.