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UTLDM2 Digital Multimeter
Auto Ranging Digital Mutlmeter Model: UTLDM2 Features: CAT III 600V C-ETL-US Certification 6000 count display Auto Ranging 1 Year Limited Warranty Functions: DC Voltage 600mV-600V AC Voltage 6V-600V AC/DC Current 600uA-10A Resistance 600Ohms-60MOhms Duty Cycle 0.1-99.9% Capacitance 6nF-60mF Diode Temperature -4Deg F - 1832 Deg F Continuity Includes: Digital Multimeter Test Leads Thermocouple 9V Battery   ..
Water Flow Sensor #1
Replacement Water Flow Sensor. ..
Water Flow Sensor #2
Replacement Water Flow Sensor. ..
Water Level Pressure Switch
Replacement Water Level Pressure Switch. This switch has three terminals for:     * COM (Common)     * NO (Normal Open)     * NO (Normal Closed)   This switch can sometimes be found with a pressure sensitivity selector, but is normally used at highest pressure (with selector switch removed). Operating electrical: 6VDC, 10mA Sometimes marked with a number to denote the manufacturing date. The correct electrical wiring method is to connect in series with other safety devices using the COM and NO terminals. ..