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Proximity Sensor Switch (8mm Barrel - 2.0m cable)
Features: This sensor is a widely used in automatic control industry for non-contact detecting metal at the front tip of the sensor barrel.  The signal would then switch a transistor to pull current into the black wire (NPN sinking type control).  This sensor is an inductive type proximity switch.  This sensor is commonly used for the axis limit switch (home position) as well as the auto-focus position sensor.     Specifications: Signal Polarity: NPN Detection Wire Type: 3 Wire Type (Brown=Voltage, Blue=GND, Black=Signal) Voltage: 10-24 ..
Square Proximity Sensor Switch (15mm Square)
The is a rectangular standard inductive Proximity Sensor with heat-resistant ABS resin case and 15mm sensing surface. The proximity sensor features detection indicator (red), NPN open collector output, easy to install, high-speed signal.   Sensor face is on the TOP .. 90 degrees perpendicular to the mounting surface.   Unshielded type Ferrous metal detectable object Surge suppressor Power supply reverse polarity protection Operasting Voltage range: 10-30 VDC 5mm Sensing distance   3-wire connection Blue - GND Brown - Source ..
UTLDM2 Digital Multimeter
Auto Ranging Digital Mutlmeter Model: UTLDM2 Features: CAT III 600V C-ETL-US Certification 6000 count display Auto Ranging 1 Year Limited Warranty Functions: DC Voltage 600mV-600V AC Voltage 6V-600V AC/DC Current 600uA-10A Resistance 600Ohms-60MOhms Duty Cycle 0.1-99.9% Capacitance 6nF-60mF Diode Temperature -4Deg F - 1832 Deg F Continuity Includes: Digital Multimeter Test Leads Thermocouple 9V Battery   ..
Water Flow Sensor #1
Item Type: Water Flow Sensor Material: Brass Voltage: AC110V Current: 0.2A Female Thread: G1/2in Male Thread: G1/2in Working Conditions of Water Flow Switch: Water flow speed is not less than 1.5L/min     This product includes the following:  Water Flow Sensor    Two Barbed Fittings (used to attached tubing) Two Rubber Seals Two-wire Connector.            ..
Water Flow Sensor #2
Replacement Water Flow Sensor for CW-5000 and CW-3000 water chillers Inside Diameter: 1/2"  Outside Diameter: 3/4"  ..
Water Level Pressure Switch
Replacement Water Level Pressure Switch. This switch has three terminals for:     * COM (Common)     * NO (Normal Open)     * NO (Normal Closed)   This switch can sometimes be found with a pressure sensitivity selector, but is normally used at highest pressure (with selector switch removed). Operating electrical: 6VDC, 10mA Sometimes marked with a number to denote the manufacturing date. The correct electrical wiring method is to connect in series with other safety devices using the COM and NO terminals. ..