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Terms of the warranty are subject to change without notice. Please check this web page for updates and additions.

Rabbit Laser USA... Warranty

Terms of the warranty are subject to change without notice. Please check this web page for revisions. We are not lawyers or scammers, but we do need to be protected from scammers and their lawyers. Alterations to the warranty are made to be more descriptive to a "layman." The warranty extends only to the original owner of the laser machine and is non-transferable concerning the US laws. Consult the operator's manual for additional legal notices.

A Limited 1-year warranty is for replacement parts against manufacturer defects and manufacturer failures, not including consumables (such as honeycomb, laser tube, mirrors, and focal lens.)

A Limited 3-month warranty is applied to a laser tube, mirrors, and lenses. Some limitations included are stated in the manual and are such as cooling of the components, lack of coolant, incorrect cooling fluid, cleanliness, shock, vibrations, maintaining focus, improper cleaning practices, and improper cleaning chemicals. The warranty does NOT apply to the laser tube if it is broken during installation or shipping. Please follow the proper procedures for installing the laser tube. The warranty does not cover damage to the glass tips at the location of the electrical probes. The electrical connections are incredibly delicate due to the nature of the glass and applied excessive pressure to the glass causing the glass to crack or break off entirely. Any small crack in that area will release the laser gas which renders the laser useless. The electrical wires must be taped to the laser tube such that the wire does not exert torque into the glass connection.

No replacement will extend the warranty over or beyond the original coverage.

This warranty does not cover items damaged while shipping. We do our best to package products in very safe shipping containers. We cannot control how poorly the UPS, FedEx, or USPS people handle the boxes. If you purchase any component and pay for that shipping, then any item damaged in shipping must undergo a claim through your shipper. If you are a person/company that paid for the shipping, then you must file that claim. We cannot send you another part for free while your claim is being processed. You may purchase a replacement part which we will attempt to mail to you again. If you are returning a part to be tested, then that part is considered "GOOD" until it is proved to have an issue. You must ensure the parts during shipment. If that part is damaged in shipping, then you must file a claim for shipping damage. Please understand that all shipping companies will conduct a damage investigation before they pay restitution. If your package is not boxed well and packaged with foam, then the shipper may deny your claim. Please understand your shipper's regulations on packaging.

All machines are thoroughly run and tested for each function before shipping them out. Each machine is tested and run for a duration necessary to ensure that it performs to our standards. The motion controller is functioning according to designed intentions. The software is installed and correctly communicates with the motion controller. The power supplies are within voltages a set for by the design usage. The motors are functioning according to needs. The CO2 laser tube can receive the proper voltage and does excite to produce a laser beam. (The actual power and quality of the laser beam are defined and controlled by the manufacturer.) The machine is in good operating condition and does not exhibit indications of problems.

The warranty does not apply to damage of, deformed or sagging honeycomb surface. The honeycomb surface is considered a consumable portion of the laser machine and should be treated with care to prolong the usable life. Placing heavy items onto the honeycomb surface will result in bowing the honeycomb surface. Repeated loading of heavy materials can result in various scaring of the honeycomb surface. Further effects on the honeycomb surface are that the surface is no longer flat, level, or smooth.

The laser machine is not guaranteed to perform to a specific production rate nor is the laser machine warranted for merchantability, production capability, product application, or profitability.

No refunds for service work or shipping costs. Replacement parts may be returned if received within 30 days. Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee and any applicable expenses of performing the return as return cost. The return cost includes but not limited to costs that are found in labor hours, gas, hotel, flights, freight shipping, food, and rental of equipment. In such a case that a product is allowed to be returned, it must be complete with all parts, software, manuals, and accessories. The item must be received in the original box with original packaging. The original packaging is the correct sized box and packing materials which better ensures that the products will not become damaged during shipping. Once received at our shop, the product would then be inspected for damage from shipping and damage identified as "reason for return." It is unfortunate that "reason for return" is often actually shipping damage or user error. Please read your user manuals for how to unpack and then operate the machines. Lenses and mirrors are packaged in sealed boxes. Rabbit Laser USA will not allow returns on mirrors and lenses such that the package has been opened. If the product is returned and received in "Like-New" condition, then the negotiated refund is allowed. If the product is damaged in shipping, then the customer is responsible for filing specific damage and refund insurance reports with their shipping company. If the product is received in damaged condition, then the negotiated return value will not be allowed. The customer may elect to have the product shipped back to customer's address for filing a shipping report or a much lesser value refund may be granted. We will work with the customer, but cannot allow storing items in our space for extended time while the customer negotiates insurance issues with the shipper. Packages that are not paid for shipment back to the customer may be considered as abandoned and may be discarded after 30 days. Rabbit Laser USA reserves the right to refuse shipment or to return shipments to the customer, in regards to merchandise without a valid return authorization number.

The purchase credit refunds will be issued after our warehouse receives, inspects, and processes your return. If your item(s) were purchased using a credit card or merchant service account, your credit card company determines when the issued credit will be reflected in your statement.

Neither representative nor the entire entity of Rabbit-Laser-USA may be held responsible for the improper use or misuse of any machines. This company and its employees will not be held responsible for personal injury caused by the use of such machines. No warranty by the manufacturer nor local sales will cover parts that are damaged due to improper operation, neglect or improperly performed machine maintenance. The operator is responsible for thoroughly reading the operator's manual for complete instructions for operation and required machine maintenance. Damage caused by wind, fire, flood, accidents, vandalism or acts of God are not covered under any warranty.

The warranty is void if the operator does not use the machine correctly, fails to provide proper maintenance, or fails to provide significant safety to the machine and persons in the area. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from an electrical surge, brown-out, nor fluid (fire-extinguishers, water, oil, cleaners, rain, humidity, etc.), or damage caused by improper use or maintenance. The intention of the laser machine is to use highly condensed light to heat or burn materials such that the material is obliterated. Improper focusing of the laser beam can result in overheating of the material in a broader physical space. With such a larger heated space, the material could catch fire and result in damage to the laser machine. It is also the responsibility of the operator to never leave the machine unattended, to understand the proper and safe operation of the machine, to maintain at least one working smoke detector, and to have quick access to fire suppression devices of significant resources to extinguish any fire within or near the laser machine. While there are some hard facts that will aid in getting best engraving/cutting results, it is nearly an art form to get the best result from the laser machine and still it is the responsibility of the operator not to allow the machine to injure any person nor damage the work area.

General guidelines for machine Safety:

1) Do NOT over-ride any of the safety interlocks! The safety interlocks ensure that the laser will not fire in the situation that could injure an operator or damage the machine. The laser machines may have multiple safety interlocks. The main access panel has a limit switch to detect when the door is opened. The laser machine will complete movements, but the laser will not fire.

2) The Water pump system has a flow detect to ensure water is being pumped through the laser tube. If the flow detector fails, does not detect water pressure then the laser will not fire. Bypassing the flow detector could leave your laser tube vulnerable to damage by overheating without the cooling water. 

3) Do not access the laser tube and electronics panels during operation. The laser tube and electronics panels contain voltages that may be dangerous to a person. The laser power supply generates an exceedingly high voltage to excite the CO2 gas inside the laser tube. The laser light itself is radiation that will cause damage to materials in the local area. Direct or indirect exposure is expected to cause extreme acute damage to all materials. With the safety system and sealed enclosure, the laser system is safe and has been tested NOT to harm the operator. 

4) Do not place materials or appendages in the path of the laser light beam. The laser light beam is not as focused until it passes through the focal lens, but is still dangerous enough to cause fire and acute permanent damage to materials which it may contact. 

5) Do not place materials or appendages of the body in the path of the moving axis. Materials placed in the path of the moving axis cause collisions in which the axis or components of the axis get damaged. Binding or misalignment of the axis and laser path can occur due to the collision. 

6) Make sure the axis limit switches are accessible and not obstructed. The machine may be reset and told to go home. During the home routine, the limit switches are required for telling the machines its end of travel. Without the proper operation of the limit switches, the machine will attempt to continue moving and may damage itself.

General Guidelines for person Safety:

1) Keep all access doors closed during operation. Wear Laser-Safety glasses whenever an access panel is open, and the machine is powered. Do not use paper for aligning the laser path. Paper burns and catches fire too easily. Please use a thin wooden plate, plastic sheet, PlexiGlass, or cardboard. 

2) As an owner or operator of the machine, you must ensure that the machine area is properly ventilated. The laser machine works by the method of using light energy to obliterate materials in the path of the light beam. The obliterated materials become fumes, gas, and micron-sized particles. The fumes, gas, and particles will have an identifiable smell and may be respirable such that they could cause nausea and sickness. Proper ventilation must be observed to ensure no harm to persons in the areas. 

3) If you smell gas (any combustible gas, such as propane), do not operate the laser machine. The laser light would be more dangerous than an open flame. The laser light would be expected to ignite a combustible gas. 

4) Ensure a properly functioning smoke detection device is near the laser machine. 

5) Ensure there is quick access to fire suppression devices of significant resources to extinguish any fire.

We at Rabbit Laser USA need to state the simple fact that this company is not the manufacturer. We are like a car dealership in that we will perform service on the machine and we will get replacement parts from the manufacturer. We negotiate better warranties and do our best to enforce the warranty. The manufacturer is in China, and the first ownership company in the USA is NOT by this company or any company owned by the Scott family. We know that it could be difficult to force a Chinese company to uphold their end of the warranty and so we pressure them with the threats that we will not purchase more equipment if they do not uphold honorable practices. Even without the manufacturer, Rabbit Laser USA acts exceedingly to service the machines and uphold the promised warranty. 

Please feel free to download a copy of our stated warranty here at: Download Warranty Statement