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  1. Question: How to clean a lens? 
    QuickAnswer: Use denatured alcohol and Q-Tips. Softly apply the alcohol. Allow the alcohol to evaporate as you swirl the Q-Tip to remove dissolved filth. 

  2. Question: How long does the laser tube last? 
    QuickAnswer: Rated for up to 2000 hours .. and experiencing more hours.

  3. Question: What focal lens comes with the laser machine? 
    QuickAnswer: 55mm 

  4. Question: How to focus the laser? 
    QuickAnswer: Adjust the table height or move the focal tube. 

  5. Question: Am I going to be able to change parts if the machine down for any reason? 
    QuickAnswer: Yes. 

  6. Question: Am I going to be able to have a technician at my site fixing my machine, if needed? 
    QuickAnswer: Yes. A technician can be arranged. 

  7. Question: Am I going to be able to get spare parts for the future? 
    QuickAnswer: Yes. 

  8. Question: IMPORTANT!! What if I want to buy a Laser Engraving machine direct from China? 
    QuickAnswer: Please take into consideration the costs of importing a machine from China 

  9. Question: How do I use the roller-style rotary attachment? 
    QuickAnswer: Connect the cable, change the machine settings, No datum.. run like normal. ...Follow the tutorial. 

  10. Question: How to convert a vector file for use in Lasercut 5.3? 
    QuickAnswer: Use Corel to import the file and then export as AutoCAD 2000 version of DXF. 

  11. Question: How do I modify the focal tube to use the 100mm focal lens? 
    QuickAnswer: Modify the focal tube's nozzle with a step-drill. This will open up the inside so that the beam does not get obstructed by the nozzle. 

  12. Question: What is happening and why do you need a flow control valve? 
    QuickAnswer: The air control is used for keeping the lens clean.. also used to remove debris from the kerf. 

  13. Question: What is a DSP or motion controller? 
    QuickAnswer: DSP is Digital Signal Processor. Motion controller is the circuit board that controls how the laser machine will move to cut and engrave materials. 

  14. Question: Where do I find a PDF copy of the software manual for LaserCut 5.3? 
    QuickAnswer: Follow the link for PDF file.. 

  15. Question: How do you line up a project on the laser without the red dot pointer? 
    QuickAnswer: Trial-&-error, by Eye, or Masking tape. 

  16. Question: I try to start a file, or even test it and I get a “SOFT STOP” error with some beeping. How does this error relate to the objects that I have drawn into my LaserCut5.3 software? 
    QuickAnswer: observe the "Immediate" checkbox to see if the project is relative to the machine's focal head position. It may be that the drawing project goes outside the actual working area of the machine. 

  17. Question: How can you tell when the mirrors and/or lenses are “worn out”? 
    QuickAnswer: The lens or mirror will have a reduced power. If you try to clean the mirror or lens.. but it just won't come clean. It may be easier and cheaper to just replace it. 

  18. Question: What size air Duct is used for exhaust system? 
    QuickAnswer: air duct is 6 inches or 150mm. 

  19. Question: I imported a DXF file into LaserCut but it didn't come in the correct size. How do I import my DXF files and keep them the right size? They are originally in inches. 
    QuickAnswer: Change the CAD software to define the project measurement units. .. or resize the project in LaserCut software with the "Size" command. 

  20. Question: How often do I need to clean my lens? 
    QuickAnswer: This depends on the material that you are cutting, typically we suggest once a week. 

  21. Question: What is the difference between an aluminum and iron honeycomb bed? 
    QuickAnswer: The iron honeycomb is stronger and magnetic. 

  22. Question: What are the lens types? 
    QuickAnswer: The standard lens is a 55mm focal length, 20mm diameter, 1.8mm edge thickness and is zinc selenium. 

  23. Question: What is the red dot pointer for? 
    QuickAnswer: The red dot pointer allows the user to more easily find where the laser is first going to strike the work piece. 

  24. Question: I've got a chiller, how often do I need to change the coolant? 
    QuickAnswer: Check it once a year. 

  25. Question: Why is my machine not cutting as well as it did when it was new? 
    QuickAnswer: There are a few things to check here. Make sure you are in focus. Check the lens and mirrors for debris. Check to make sure the machine is properly aligned. Make sure the coolant is at a reasonable temperature. 

  26. Question: I have a Mac or Windows 7. Can I run laser cut 5.3 on my operating system? 
    QuickAnswer: Yes. LaserCut will run on any Windows OS or MAC with Windows in "Parallels". 

  27. Question: I just bought a laser machine, what tools do I need? 
    QuickAnswer: Masking tape and magnets. A full list of tools can be found on our main web page. www.RabbitLaserUSA.com 

  28. Question: Where should I put the laser machine? 
    QuickAnswer: You can just about put the machine anywhere as long as you have adequate power , ventilate the exhaust and in a dry and moderate temperature room. Moisture in the air can create some problems. 

  29. Question: What are the power requirements? 
    QuickAnswer: Our 40-6040 and 60-9060 laser machines are 110v with 110v water pump or 110v chiller and with a 110v exhaust fan. Our 80 watt lasers machines (and larger) are 220v with 220v chiller and with a 220v exhaust fan. 

  30. Question: What is the cooling system? 
    QuickAnswer: There are two methods. One is a water pump in a container of coolant. The next method is a Freon based chiller with a self contained pump and tank for the coolant. It will cool the coolant down to a desired level. 

  31. Question: What’s the difference between downdraft ventilation and a vacuum table? 
    QuickAnswer: The downdraft system uses the exhaust system to move air through the honeycomb table. The vacuum table has a vacuum system connected to the side of a vacuum table that creates a suction that will pull down and hold the various materials to the honeycomb table. 

  32. Question: What is the air assist valve or what does it do? 
    QuickAnswer: . It helps to keep the lens clean and helps to remove debris from the kerf. 

  33. Question: What is the red dot laser pointer used for? 
    QuickAnswer: It is the approximate location where the laser beam will hit. 

  34. Question: . How do you locate the starting point on the material? 
    QuickAnswer: You can use a red dot pointer, laser test shot or eye. 

  35. Question: . How do you clamp down odd shaped objects to the work table? 
    QuickAnswer: You can prop objects from the sides with magnets or puddy to ensure the object will not move. This can be a use of your imagination just to ensure the object will not move then adjust focus. 

  36. Question: Software can control the z-axis. Why does my machine not move the z-axis from the software? 
    QuickAnswer: Our choice is not to let the software control it because if your not there to watch the machine and the z-axis comes up, it can crunch the focal tube assembly. 

  37. Question: What people and businesses use this type of laser machine? 
    QuickAnswer: . Arts & crafts, prototypes, awards engraving, signage, textiles, etc.. 

  38. Question: What are the common speed and power settings for assorted materials? 
    QuickAnswer: Revert to web site, Manuals-n-Tutorials, applications, common speeds and power settings 

  39. Question: Why is the viewing window, on my laser machine, in orange shade? 
    QuickAnswer: Any plastic will block laser light. The orange color will dull the spark that comes off of the material. 

  40. Question: There is a fluorescent light bulb in the machine for illuminating. Where can I get the replacement? 
    QuickAnswer: Make sure to understand the style, wattage, and size. You can measure the length and order from Pegasus.com. 

  41. Question: Where can I get better optics for my laser machine? 
    QuickAnswer: Ophir.com, IIVI.com, designresearchoptics.com, lasercompliant.com. 

  42. Question: What file types and software are compatible with my machine? 
    QuickAnswer: PLT-HPGL plotter file, AI-adobe Illustrator, DXF-Autocad, DST-Tajima, BMP-Widows bitmap, NC-Mastercam, JPG files, JPEG files, GIF files, PNG files, TIF files, TIFF files, TGA files, PCX files;Software-TAJIMA , CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop. 

  43. Question: What jumper settings should the motion controller (6515) be set to? 
    QuickAnswer: . Sensor Input 24v, Position Pulses 5v. 

  44. Question: The home position sensor is broke. Can I get a U.S. replacement? 
    QuickAnswer: The home position sensor is an 8mm inductive proximity sensor, non embeddable. NPN runs on 10-30vdc. The Chinese version has a true working voltage lower than 5vdc, but the jumper should be set to be powered by 24vdc. The replacement part can be purchased from Automation Direct. 

  45. Question: What is the “Immediate Mode”? (Laser 5.3) 
    QuickAnswer: The project will be cut or engraved in reference to where the focal head is located. 

  46. Question: I’m using mirror acrylic. How do I avoid bubbling the mirrored finish? 
    QuickAnswer: Make 2 passes. The first pass will cut through about 95% and the 2nd pass will finish the cut and polish the acrylic. 

  47. Question: What is the proper grounding procedure for the computer and the machine? 
    QuickAnswer: Provide additional wire for both computer and machine and run to a good building ground. 

  48. Question: Why do I have to go to datum every time I turn on the machine? 
    QuickAnswer: The DATUM is a known reference point (home). From there it will then know it’s maximum workable area and it’s limits. 

  49. Question: Can this machine produce a fire inside the work area? 
    QuickAnswer: . Yes. If you do not have the correct settings for materials that are flammable such as wood then it can burn enough to set fire. An example would be if you have too slow of a speed or out of focus then the wood will burn. Please use the common speeds and settings document found on the front page under Manuals-n-Tutorials, applications, common speeds and settings. 

  50. Question: Do you have a print driver? 
    QuickAnswer: Yes.. It is not yet recommended for use. The Corel and AutoCAD applets work great at the free price. 

  51. Question: Can I download better software? 
    QuickAnswer: Software is currently under development and any upgrades will be posted on the website. 

  52. Question: What version of CorelDraw can I use? 
    QuickAnswer: version 12, x3, x4 

  53. Question: How do I align the laser beam? 
    QuickAnswer: This is a careful and 47 step project that you will find in Manuals-n-Tutorials, Hardware, How to align the laser beam HTML. 

  54. Question: . How do I align the honeycomb work table? 
    QuickAnswer: Loosen three screws of the jack screw and loosen the chain by loosening the motor then turn the jack screw to the proper height. 

  55. Question: How do I tighten the chain for z-axis work table? 
    QuickAnswer: . Remove the honeycomb then loosen the four motor mount screws in the bottom of the area. Apply pressure to the motor in the slotted direction of the screws. You will then feel the chain tighten. Tighten motor mount screws. 

  56. Question: How do I tighten the belts on the stepper motors? 
    QuickAnswer: Each belt is a split belt. The split end of the belt for the y-axis is mounted underneath the x-axis bar (right side of machine). There is a screw on each side of the belt under the x-axis for the y-axis. Tighten each screw to the desired tension. It will be the same for the belt on the left side of the machine. For the x-axis, there is a belt roller at the opposite end from the stepper motor (left side of machine). Directly behind that roller are four screws that you will tighten to the desired tension of the belt. 

  57. Question: Is there an age or license requirement for owning a machine? 
    QuickAnswer: No.. We do require a competent user. 

  58. Question: How do I reorder output of laser to make different objects cut or engrave first? 
    QuickAnswer: In the upper right hand corner of the screen, you will see a window that indicates the different colors of the different lines in the object. You can set each line to cut or engrave and change power settings. You can move each line up or down in the window. That will be the order of the output laser. 

  59. Question: How does DPI correlate to scan gap? 
    QuickAnswer: 25.4/DPI=ScanGap 

  60. Question: Which file format, bitmap or vector, is better to use in the machine? 
    QuickAnswer: We highly recommend to use vector designs. There are situations that BMP files are just better. 

  61. Question: Does 3d engraving require a programmable z-axis? 
    QuickAnswer: No, but it would require a programmable power setting according to the gray scale of the picture.

  62. Question: Are there limitations on different woods? 
    QuickAnswer: The engraving process becomes more difficult with woods that are very dense. 

  63. Question: Do I need a high resolution lens for 3d engraving? 
    QuickAnswer: . Our standard 50.8m lens works well.

  64. Question: Is the 3d engraving power dependant? 
    QuickAnswer: Yes, the engraving depth is power/speed dependant. 

  65. Question: Is there inconsistency in the laser beam strength. 
    QuickAnswer: As long as your machine is in alignment, your lens and mirrors are clean, there should not be problems with the beam strength. 

  66. Question: The machine is configured so the laser will not function if the water pump is not running? 
    QuickAnswer: Yes. The safety device prevents the laser from triggering without coolant flow. 

  67. Question: Do you simply change the color of the hair line to change the laser from cut to engrave? 
    QuickAnswer: No, Simply double click the "cut" or "engrave" word and a little box will appear with the optional settings. 

  68. Question: Do various colors cut deeper? 
    QuickAnswer: Each color can be set to a specific function. If that mode is CUT, then a special speed and power can be assigned. 

  69. Question: Where do I find a replacement light bulb for illuminating inside my laser machine workspace? 
    QuickAnswer: www.pegasuslighting.com ... or ... www.buylighting.com . Make sure to measure the old light bulb and get an exact fit. 

  70. Question: How to engrave a line. 
    QuickAnswer: Convert the line to an object with area then engrave the area. 

  71. Question: Is there a way to set the number of passes? i was test cutting some 1/2" acrylic and couldn't find anyplace to tell it to cut in 2 passes. I ended up copying and pasting the same rectangle on top of itself and the machine cut it fine in two passes, but I was wondering if there was a someplace else to set it? 
    QuickAnswer: Use the "Times" value in the LaserCut 5.3 software.. Located at the color layer. 

  72. Question: I was wondering if would guys happen to have any advice on how to do maintenance on the machine, such has cleaning the lenses, water chiller/laser tube maintenance, and axis lubrication 
    QuickAnswer: The Lens should be cleaned with Denatured Alcohol and/or Acetone. 
    The water chiller should be flushed every six months. 
    The linear rails (axis rails) should be kept wet with oil. 
    Open the exhaust hose and clean chips from the fan screen. 

  73. Question: I have a problem with my laser machine. What information do I need to provide to the technician as he tries to help my fix the problems? 
    QuickAnswer: Describe the laser machine and software. Explain any events that may have contributed to the problem. Describe the problem in reasonable detail. 

  74. Question: I have a problem with my laser machine, it don't work correctly. I want to cut 20*30 cm of wood or acrylic. The final part is not exactly 20*30(cm). It is about 21.5*30.5(cm). why ? 
    QuickAnswer: Most likely that the laser has an error in the configuration. The pulse unit could beset wrong. You need to adjust the pulse unit value and then download the new configuration to laser machine. 

  75. Question: Thanks so much for the quote. I am going to go ahead with the purchase! I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!!! What do indeed to have ready for the technician when he arrives for the setup? 
    QuickAnswer: The technician generally brings everything you will need. Plan for the exhaust, computer desk, electrical requirements, simple tools, sample engrave materials, and lunch. 

  76. Question: I ordered stuff from your company... When is going to get here? 
    QuickAnswer: All products are shipped by some traceable method. Crates are shipped with "Pro" numbers. If you have a specific question, then please email us and we can send you the tracking number and a web site link for how to get detailed information about location and delivery date. 

  77. Question: I was wondering if you could advise us with another problem we have with our HX1290SE machine. 
    The laser machine arrived without any safety switches on the lid. We can retrofit generic switches without any problems but we need advice as to where to wire them in. 

    QuickAnswer: The safety devices are wired into the system with the laser power supply. The best location is between the "G" (ground)terminal and the "WP"(water protection). The schematics will guide you on the proper wiring. The safety devices should've wired in series method to ensure any device failure will protect the laser tube from being damaged and from injuring a person. 

  78. Question: We have a problem with our new HX1290SE machine. We have just had a new filtered extraction unit installed. I plugged it into the back of the laser and when I turned on the fan it shut down the machine. Obviously it has overloaded the circuit. This won`t be a problem in the future as the extraction unit can be plugged in elsewhere, however at the moment I can`t seem to locate a reset button anywhere to get the laser going again. 
    QuickAnswer: Tripped breaker or blown fuse. 

  79. Question: Is the air assist an option for the system? 
    QuickAnswer: The air assist is a standard feature of the laser machine. Included at no additional cost. 

  80. Question: I didn't buy my laser machine from Rabbit Laser USA. Can you get parts to fix my laser machine? 
    QuickAnswer: If your laser machine was made in China... Yes. We should be able to get parts for your repair needs. 

  81. Question: If I order my machine now, when will it arrive? 
    QuickAnswer: The laser machine shipment will be scheduled after the invoice is paid. A technician will be scheduled for setup and training according to the current work schedule. We try to make a delivery date that is convenient for the customer and the delivery schedule of the technician.
    If the laser machine is not in stock in the Ohio warehouse, then additional time will be needed to receive the laser machine from the factory in China. Special machine orders will need about six weeks lead time for production and shipping from China. 

  82. Question: I bought my laser machine from some other company ... (or direct from china)... Now I can't get any technical support. My machine isn't working right. I don't understand the software. I can't align the laser beam. I am having trouble. Please help. 
    QuickAnswer: We prefer to give our attention to our paid customers.. We can help by email, web camera, computer control, or by phone. 

  83. Question: Can you take a PO as payment? 
    QuickAnswer: Yes... And No. We accept PO numbers from colleges and public schools. 

  84. Question: What kind of company is Rabbit Laser USA? 
    QuickAnswer: Rabbit Laser USA is an LLC company doing distribution of Laser system in the USA .. The laser machines are manufactured in China. 

  85. Question: What factories does Rabbit Laser USA work with? 
    QuickAnswer: We do not disclose all of our trade secrets. Our complete list of factories is considered a company secret. Our primary factory in China is Jinan King Rabbit. 

  86. Question: I just found some pricing on your website. What are the prices on your used lasers currently in stock? 
    QuickAnswer: We do not often have used laser machines available. We do sometimes sell the showroom demo system so that we can keep using the most up-to-date laser machines. We sometimes will help a customer to sell their laser machine. This is not a consignment agreement. We have also acted as an escrow company for the new owner to feel comfortable that the laser machine is in good condition and delivered as described.

  87. Question: I see that you have a web page for collecting customer information. What is the mail list used for? 
    QuickAnswer: We use the mail list to respond to customers interested in purchasing a laser system. We also send out newsletters to interested people. We do not send out more than 3 newsletters each year. 

  88. Question: I am looking into extending the range of the table. I went to the LaserCut machine settings and I tried to set the width to 1245, but the software asked for a password. What is the password? What do I do next? 
    QuickAnswer: There is no default password. Press OK... Download the configuration into the laser machine. 

  89. Question: i am struggling to get the 1290 to read any usb memory stick I have followed the instructions to the letter, formatted to fat 2GB and smaller but still no success. Is there any other way or a firmware update maybe?..... It just stays on reading flash drive. That's all.... 
    QuickAnswer: Get a small USB flash drive. 128MB, 512MB, or 1GB. Format to Fat16. I have used some flash drives that would never read data... And other larger drives that worked fine. It is often a problem with the manufacturer's internal circuitry of the flash drive. 
    Buy from www.microcenter.com 

  90. Question: I'm currently building a workshop, and my intent is to put the unit in the workshop. If I put in the order next week, when do you estimate the unit will be delivered? If it arrives before the workshop is done (which i'm not opposed to) I will have to put the unit in the garage, and getting 220 to it will be interesting. 
    QuickAnswer: Once you have paid for the laser machine, it is your machine. If you need us to hold onto the machine for an extra week or so, that is not a problem. There is no extra charge to do this. I would rather the laser machine be installed where you want it to be (your workshop). We don't want the laser machine to be moved much at all. Just let me know when you plan on being finished with your workshop and I can try to schedule shipment around that time frame. 

  91. Question: What do you know about financing the laser costs? Would it be better for me to lease the laser machine? Do you do financing or leases? What companies will do the lease? 
    QuickAnswer: Leasing any equipment is a serious choice. Make sure you understand your lease options before you send any payments to any lease company. Paying cash is always the best option... Even a small bank loan is better than a lease contract ( my opinion )...Rabbit Laser USA does not do the lease. Lease companies are listed on our payment options page. . . . . https://rabbitlaserusa.com/Partners/PayOpt.html 

  92. Question: I have a part of my laser machine that is broken. Do I need to buy it from a Chinese factory, from USA representative, or my local hardware store? 
    QuickAnswer: Some parts of the laser would be very hard to find inside the USA. They could be purchased from a laser factory... If you speak Chinese then it is easier. Many factory reps speak English until you have a problem. Some factory reps suddenly forget how to speak English or blame problems on the language barrier.
    Rabbit Laser USA is a reseller representative and we can sell you most any part you would need for the Chinese style laser machines. Some general hardware (nuts and screws) are metric and can be purchased from a good hardware store.
    Many parts of the Chinese laser machines can be purchased from McMaster.com, Lowe's hardware store, Ace Hardware, Jameco.com, or circuitspecialists.com ... 

  93. Question: Why do I need to replace my mirrors? 
    QuickAnswer: Mirrors start to fail and reflect less laser light due to: Oxidation from humidity, Scratches from improper cleaning procedures, fumes/dust burned into the lens during normal usage. 

  94. Question: My laser does not produce light.. My Laser does not "fire". What is wrong? How do I fix the laser to make it fire? 
    QuickAnswer: See if you forgot something normal. Is the chiller on? Is the main door closed? Is the Laser enable button engaged? Is the chiller alarming? Is the water clogged? Is the laser power setting high enough (laser power/corner power)? Is the mirror alignment right? Is the focal lens dirty or blocked? 

  95. Question: Our 1290 rabbit laser is doing something unexpected starting locations and I don't know how to fix it. I think one of the students messed with the config file, but don't know where to look. I have tried shutting down and rebooting the computer and laser cutter but that won't correct the problem. The problem is no matter what we import or draw a project inside in the LaserCut 5.3, it want's to start it in the upper right corner of the laser cutter. We can have it positioned anywhere on the table and calculate the tool path, but as soon as we tell it to start/cut it will go to what I call the machine's home/datum position in the extreme upper left corner and begin there. How do I fix? 
    QuickAnswer: This sounds like a parameter setting of "Logic Origin". You need to cancel the logic origin. This is done inside the operator pad. 

  96. Question: What is the min / max values I can put in for speed, power, and corner power in cut mode? 
    QuickAnswer: Speed - Min should be above 0, Max should be below 1400 Power - Min should be above 0, Max is below 100 Corner power - Min should be above 0, Max is below 100 

  97. Question: What does corner power mean? 
    QuickAnswer: “power value” that is used on corners and angles. 

  98. Question: What is the min / max values I can put in for frequency. In Hz? 
    QuickAnswer: The "frequency" applies to RF laser modules. We find that 99 percent of Chinese laser systems use glass CO2 source. This feature does not apply to glass CO2 power supplies. 

  99. Question: What unit is the overlap value? mm? 
    QuickAnswer: Distance to over-cut a closed polygon at the start/end points. 

  100. Question: What is the min / max values I can put in for speed, power and scan gap in engraving. I noticed that 325 and 625 went the same as 150000 for speed. 
    QuickAnswer: Min speed for engraving should be 101. A lower engraving speed might be used on odd versions of the LaserCut 5.3 software. Actual speed depends on accel / decal rates with your engrave size. 

  101. Question: Engraving seems quit functioning cleanly in small areas. I'm writing 24pt test and the Tops of my T's and P's are large and clear but the vertical parts are not clear and sometimes not even there. 
    QuickAnswer: You are engraving too fast for the charge/discharge ability of the glass CO2 laser. 

  102. Question: We are moving into a building that isn't hooked up with a high voltage line. What are my options for 120V single phase @ 80W? Do I read correctly that you can supply me with the transformer "TX-110-220-2"? 
    QuickAnswer: We can provide a transformer that converts 120 to 240VAC(single phase). This transformer is quite heavy and will cost a significant amount to ship. 

  103. Question: I'm still unsure on how to level my laser tray holder (the metal black box and rails that the honeycomb sits inside). 
    QuickAnswer: Adjust the jack screws at each corner. Shim the non-level portions of the honeycomb 

  104. Question: Since we've decided to abandon our auto-focus, I'd like to set up a manual focus gauge. I think I remember you saying that it was 35mm from the bottom of the knurled part of the lens holder to the optimal work surface. Can you verify this for me? Or correct me? 
    QuickAnswer: The expected distance from surface to the knurled chamfer is 39mm. It is best to find the optimum focal point and then measure from the surface to an edge or feature that is easy to measure. 

  105. Question: I'm upgrading the ventilation system. Do you have a CFM of draw that you recommend? 
    QuickAnswer: Go as high CFM as you can afford and put up with the noise. 

  106. Question: On these new mirrors what side do you use? Gold tinted or the side that looks like a regular silver mirror. 
    QuickAnswer: The laser needs to reflect off the gold side. 

  107. Question: I try to start my LaserCut software and get an error that says "Plug in softdog and restart the software". The software doesn't start. What is wrong? 
    QuickAnswer: Make sure the USB Dongle is plugged in and the device drivers are loaded into the Windows Device Manager. 

  108. Question: I want to export DXF files from Corel or Adobe Illustrator. What settings do I need to export? 
    QuickAnswer: AutoCAD 2000, 16 colors, JPEG, *Preserve Appearance, *Outline Text 

Did not find a solution for your problem?  Contact: Support@RabbitLaserUSA.com