What to Cut or Engrave

The rule is that low-power CO2 lasers cannot cut or engrave Metals...!!! The Laser engraver /cutter machines here are of a design that does not mark or cut most metals. While these machines can be of a reasonably high wattage and cut many materials with ease, most metals cannot be cut by the laser machines offered for sale here! The wavelength of the CO2 laser is such that the metals do not easily receive the energy.

Everything other than Metals??.. Basically.. YES! The laser systems offered here are very well suited for marking and cutting materials such as the following:

Natural materials:
Rock, brick, stone, marble, granite, glass,

Organic Materials:
Wood, Leather, Plants, Fruit, Vegetables, Sea shells ...etc. (be carefull not to burn your skin or eyes)

Man Made Polymers:
Acrylic, plexiglass, vinyl, styrofoam, styrene, ..etc.

Jeans, cotton, silk, nylon, dacron, ..etc.

Most metals cannot be engraved or cut. Recent testing shows that we are able to engrave on any Stainless Steel metal with flat side. This got us adicted to trying other metals (against the advice of other laser manufacturers). We are able to cut through only very thin sheets of Stainless Steel (thickness of only 0.0002 inches). We have used an 80 watt laser to engrave directly into ferrous materials(alloys containing iron). Even a small amount of iron reacts to the CO2 laser. This means we can mark HSS drill bits, stainless steel, tool steels, and many others. We are testing other metals as we encounter them. Still ... Aluminum, Copper, brass, silver, gold, ... NOT engravable.


What should NOT be cut by the laser?

While the laser can cut or engrave.. some materials should not be CUT. Vinyl and PVC will produce a corrosive gas. Plexi-glass / Polycarbonate will produce a black and yellow gas that will make you sick to your stomach. Cutting ABS yields a fair result, but leaves a bad smell that is hard to get out of your nose.


What industries would benefit from the use of a laser engraver?

Sign makers, party decorations, novelty makers, awards and trophies, applique embroidery, wooden toys, airplane models, model buildings, textile patterns, template makers, ..etc.