Tech Support

Our company has people online most all of the time. Current customers can get tech support through email, phone calls, MSN messenger, and on-line computer connection.

1. Emails - Technicians can respond to the questions within minutes or overnight ... as reasonable. Emails can be the most detailed situation. It gives the technician plenty of time to research the problem and present a full solution. ...

2. Phone Calls - Normally for people that feel so stuck they got to have full attention NOW .. This is great no matter if the tech is in the office or not... Has a computer available or not. It is generally a question that can be solved within a minute. 1-513-217-5707

3. Text Messaging - This is quite an alternative to emails. It also works great for when the technicians are out of town. Please contact our offices first... Carole can send text messages to the technician.

4. MSNMessenger - Ray is often on MSN and can be contacted easily. The contact information is his email address of

5. On-Line computer connection - Sometimes the situation calls for the ability of a technician to take over the customer's computer. This works great when the technician needs to quickly install software, driver, configuration, diagnostics, etc. We know that it could be very convenient for the technician to say, "Let me show you this...".

6. We have switched to using TeamViewer for our PC control service. Link to TeamViewer


TeamViewer - Rabbit Laser USA


Teamviewer QS Version 12