What Firmware does my Laser Machine Have?? Leetro USB-Based Laser Machine..

Go to your laser machine's computer ...

Method #1:

Open the "my computer" icon. This will give you a window to view drive contents. You need to open the file for "c:\LaserCut53\". You need to run the program file "Mpc05VerV2.1.exe" . You can simply double-click on the icon.

Window of information to Firmware versions

Method #2:

1. Go to Windows Start button...
2. Click ont "Run" icon... (shows window to insert path and filename to run)
3. Type path and filename .. "c:\LaserCut53\Mpc05VerV2.1.exe"

Use RUN to see Window of information to Firmware versions

How to replace the firmware??

Please do a screen shot of the "c:\LaserCut53\Mpc05VerV2.1.exe" application info.. email it back to support@rabbitlaserusa.com . We can then send you the correct firmware to replace some firmware that has become currupted. The firmware replacement process is very easy.

How to download the MPC6515 firmware:
1) Copy the two files 65154120.FMW and 65154001.HDW to the root of a USB Mass Storage Device. The Device must be formatted as FAT16. It's bettter to remove any other files from the root of the Storage Device.
2) Power on, then the indicator D1 in the mianboard of MPC6515 will flash two times instantly.
3) Insert the USB Mass Storage Device into MPC6515.
4) The indicator D1 will light for 2 to 10 seconds depend on the size of the firmware files. It means downloading. Don't remove the USB Mass Storage Device.
5) Once the indicator D1 flash frequently, the downloading is end.
6) Remove the USB Mass Storage Device, and the MPC6515 will load the new firmaware. Repeat the steps if the MPC6515 can not work after downloading. If still abnormity, please contact with your provider.
1) This firmware can only be used to MPC6515 controller.
Step Servo (ChengDu) Co., Ltd.

If the firmware does not install correctly or you installed the wrong file, then you can try again. It is NOT a one-shot (pray to God it works) issue. If the laser machine still does not work correctly, then a controller board may be damaged.

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