PhotoGrav ... Advanced software for engraving photos.
        Retail price is $395. Check for a package deal to have this included with your laser machine purchase. PhotoGrav 3

LaserBuzz Products

LaserBuzz Products.
        Products have individual retail prices. Call our offices to get a package deal or to have sets of this software included with your laser machine purchase.

Software Product

Bonus Pack CD

A CD filled with extras that help you get started with your laser machine .
        Sample Projects by Ray Scott
                Bird Houses / Bird Feeder
                Folding boxes
        Sample Graphics
        Fonts (stencils, script, wingdings...)
        Manuals and Tutorials
        Price: $40 + shipping Bonus Pack CD

Software Product

Replacement Master Disk of Drivers, Apps, and Technical Data

The resource CD that is filled with all the drivers, firmware, and applications ever offered by Rabbit Laser USA.
        LaserCut 5.1, LaserCut 5.3 (Requires appropriate Dongle to operate)
        Win XP, Vista, and 7 Drivers
        Firmware through
        Price: $80 + shipping.

Master Tech CD

Gearotic Motion
Software Product

Gearotic 2.0 - Software CD Package

Gearotic 2.0
Gear Design Software - Gearotic 2.0 is primarily a Gear Template Generator. Its original purpose was to create dxf's for further processing by various CAD/CAM programs. It has capabilities far beyond just creating DXF's though, it can produce 1:1 scale printouts for scrollsaw gear cutting, STL files for 3d printing, 3d solids for various CAD usage, and finally G-Code for users of programs such as Mach3.It is now not only a gear template generator, but can create objects for 3d printing, design clock escapements, tabbed boxing, circular and non circular gears and even Celtic Knots. In addition, it has a graphic simulation mode that allows the user to think about how to make a device, or determine other factors he may want to consider. It will provide some statistics about gear ratio's, sizes , centering and such and is a fun, easy to use mode that is virtually drag and drop for mechanism creation.
        Gearheads Forum

Gearotic Motion

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