Delivery & Shipping

We will ship to the continental United States. The shipping charge for freight is estimated according to the distance to the customer delivery location. There are sometimes when the delivery costs are included in a special sale event (ebay). The customer can sometimes choose to have the laser machine delivered by a technician. For customers that are located within 900 miles, your purchased laser can be delivered by a technician or me. The delivery would include unloading, installation, setup, alignment, and training your employee. The expected duration for install and training would be about 6 hours. The estimated time for this service depends on your business area, unloading dock, and a prepared entry and setup area.

If the customer is outside the 900 miles, then we can still deliver, setup, and train your employee. We will charge $1 per additional mile for this service. Please ask for a written quote to state the exact cost of delivery to your business. Some "deals" are made.

There are NO shipping charges for a (simple) local pickup.

Shipping Smaller Items

Toll Roads

Deliveries are usually done in a truck, van, or truck with trailer. If the travel to your business requires taking toll roads/bridges/tunnels, then please understand that these charges need to be paid for. If we expect toll roads during travel, then that cost can be either estimated and included in the delivery bill or a seperate fee can be charged to your credit card. Example: Going from Cincinnati to Brooklyn, NY and back in a truck with trailer costs nearly $120 for all toll roads, tunnels, and bridges. I was shocked at the high costs and so I needed to add this issue to our costs and future quotes... That was the only bad part of the entire delivery.


For Laser systems that are delivered by a technician, additional time for detailed training will be extra and will be based on a rate of $35 per hour.

For training at Rabbit Laser USA respective to a local pickup, basic training time is available by a technician or salesperson. Extended training may be purchased at a negotiated rate.

Tech support

Our company has people on-line most all of the time. Current customers can get tech support through email, phone calls, MSN messenger, and on-line computer connection.

  1. Emails - Technicians can responded to the questions within minutes or overnight ... as reasonable. This can be the most detailed situation. It gives the technician plenty of time to research the problem and present a full solution. ...
  2. Phone Calls - Normally for people that feel so stuck they got to have full attention NOW .. This is great no matter if the tech is in the office or not... Has a computer available or not. It is generally a question that can be solved within a minute. 1-513-217-5707
  3. Text Messaging - This is quite an alternative to emails. It also works great for when Ray is out of town. 1-513-217-5707
  4. MSNMessenger - Ray is often on MSN and can be contacted easily. Ray's contact information is the email address.
  5. On-Line computer connection - Sometimes the situation just calls for the ability for a technician to take over the customer's computer. This works great when the technician needs to quickly install software, driver, configuration, diagnostics ...etc. We know that it could be very convenient for the technician to just say, "Let me show you this...".

email:Rabbit Laser USA