Motion Controllers and related Parts for Laser Engraver / Cutter Machines

USB Motion Controller System

         The motion controller system consists of the Leetro Motion Controller, Operator Pad, Op-PAD Interconnect Cable, USB Cable(3 meters long), Software, and Authorization Dongle. Leetro USB Control System 6515 and PAD-03

Leetro USB Control System 6525 and PAD-04

Leetro USB Control System 6535 and PAD-04

Leetro USB Control System 6565 and PAD-04

Leetro USB Control System 6575 and Operator PAD

USB Motion Controllers

Leetro USB Controller 6515

Leetro USB Controller 6525 (Replaces 6515)

Leetro USB Controller 6535

Leetro USB Controller 6565

Leetro USB Controller 6575

Operator Interface

Leetro Operator Interface PAD-03

Leetro Operator Interface PAD-04

Operator Interface PAD3 Wire-Cable

Operator Interface PAD4 Wire-Cable

LaserCut Authorization Dongles

LaserCut Dongle White

LaserCut Dongle Green

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