Hello Everyone:

   Ray has asked me to write a short intro to Gearotic Motion for those who are
   seeing it for the first time. 
   My name is Art Fenerty, the author of Gearotic Motion and Mach3. For those that 
   havent seen it, Gearotic Motion is an enabling program. Its thrust is to simplify 
   the generation of mechanisms,   gears, clocks and such so that people can more
   easily envision a design, and  go directly to making it without having to jump a 
   great many hoops in CAD along the way. If your like me you've found that 
   designing geared devices in CAD takes as much time as building them. 
   GM is my way of making it easier. 
   Originally started for my use, the program has grown to include many items requested
   by its users. I suggest you visit the site and watch a few video's to see what it 
   can do for you, and how much fun it is to use. Our forum has hundreds of comments 
   and experiences of others like yourself and your invited to come in and check it out.
   As the programs Tagline says "GM is for the designer in all of us.." and its my 
   hope that you, like many others will find your suddenly able to build things 
   you never thought you would, or for others that that project you knew you could 
   build wasnt quite as much hassle as you thought it would be.  
   GM is an ongoinig development program. Each year items are added from user requests
   or just because I find something interesting and thought you might as well. Once
   registered, your registered for life with no further upgrade costs or fee's. 
   (Thats my standard policy.. I hate paying for upgrades or bug fixes..). So come 
   join the forum, try the demo and see why so many of us like to play in a world full
   of Gears.. 
   Art Fenerty