Rotary Axis

Connecting the Rotary Axis

The rotary axis is a very easy attachment to use.

* Turn the machine power off if table height is not powered
* Move the table to the bottom.
* Make sure power is off
* Put the rotary axis on the worktable
* Make sure the rotary attachment is square and centered on the table
* Center the rail over the rotary attachment

***If your rotary attachment was designed specifically for this laser machine, then you would need to unplug the Y-Axis motor wires and plug in the Rotary attachment motor wires.

***If the rotary attachment was NOT originally designed to work with your laser machine, then you will need to follow these simple steps.

* The rotary attachment has wires to run its' motor. Pull the wires to the electrical connection for the Y-Axis motor at the amplifier. The Y-Axis motor controls the laser head's movement back to front.
* Make a note of the wire colors for the Y-axis motor. You will need to reconnect the wires after using the rotary attachment.
* Use the screw terminal to disconnect the Y-Axis motor wires.
* The rotary attachment motor will have four wires to control the bipolar motor. Two wires are used for one set of coils and the other two wires control the second set of coils. The colors do NOT always tell the correct usage of the wires. You can use an Ohm meter to identify which wires are a set. A set will have some resistance below 100 Ohms... Wires that are not a set will produce an open reading.
* Connect the first set of wires to A+ and A-.
* Connect the second set of wires to B+ and B-.
* Turn the laser machine on.
* Use the control panel to move the axis Front or back. You should notice that the rotary axis moves with you.
* Check to see that the direction of movement is correct. It "might" seem backward at first. The truth of correct direction is when the laser makes a drawing. We dont want the pictures to be produced as mirrored ..upside down.
* If the laser produces a picture that is mirrored upside-down, then switch the wires that are connected at B+ and B-.

**** If the picture is produced as "out of ratio", then the picture will look too tall or too wide. You will need to adjust your laser machine's settings for steps per measurement for the Y axis. This parameter is found in the machine settings portion of the software.

Remember the settings and wire colors of your laser machine... You will need to return all settings and wire connection when you return to using the laser back to normal operation.

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