Payments and Leasing Options

Payments - We do our best to work with payment methods of our customers.

  • Bank Wire Transfer
    • Wire transfer is our preferred method.
    • Security - This is the safest way for us to quickly send and receive payments sufficient for this type of product.
  • Check
    • Business, Cashier, or Personal Check - All Checks MUST completely clear banking systems before products are released for shipping.
    • Checks must be sent by some sort of trackable mail system.
    • Mailing with Insured and signature required is at your discretion. We prefer to NOT require signature.
    • C.O.D. does NOT mean Check-On-Delivery.
  • Lease Agreement
    • Can use any leasing company that your business preferrs or one of the Lease companies that we have worked with before.
    • Payment and Ownership Transfers are according to the lease agreement.
    • Rabbit Laser USA reserves the right to reject a sale based on the "feel" of the contract.
      *We want to help our customer and let you know if it just doesn't seem right.
      *We can help you find a respectable leasing company that fits your needs.
  • Cash
    • No arguements.. Cash is nice and accepted anywhere.
    • Small unmarked bills are preferred.. Be prepared to have money checked at a bank.
    • There is no discount for paying "CASH". All payment funds are processed and considered good as cash prior to shipment.
    • Do NOT send a brick of cash in the mail.

Preferred Leasing Company
  • North Star Leasing P.O. Box 4505
    Burlington, VT 05406-4505
    Phone: (800)874-4747 - - - Fax: (802)658-9724
  • Five Point Capital 10525 Vista Sorrento Parkway
    San Diego, CA 92121
    Ph: (888) 576-4685 - - - Fax: (866) 650-7016
We know that every potential customer is out there looking for the best deal they can get... and every customer wants the deal that is best for the needs. Rabbit Laser USA reserves the right to reject a sale based on the "feel" of the situation. If any customer is trying to use a leasing agency, then we would like to help make sure the leasing company is really helping the customer. We at Rabbit Laser USA also need to protect ourselves. If the sale seems more like a scam, then we may choose to delay the delivery until further investigation is made. We have actually had people try to send trucks to pick up equipment that was not paid for and ask us to also pay the shipping and transfer fees. The point is that "It's a tough world out there and everyone needs to be careful!" Please call or email us if you would like to talk about this more. Rabbit Laser USA Offices: 513-217-5707

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