Moving the Laser Machine Through a Narrow Doorway

Our customer was very interested in purchasing an RL-80-1290 laser machine, but was VERY concerned that it just wouldn't be able to get to their office area. The desired placement for the laser machine was in their office. The office area was on the 3rd floor, passed a workshop, down a hallway, and through some doors. I was a bit concerned at first.

We got lucky that the freight elevator was big enough to take the laser machine up. The stairs were an option, but didn't look like much fun.

Ready to go
Henry shows he is ready to take this machine apart.

We got the laser machine up to the 3rd floor and checked on what to do next. The laser machine is designed to allow the base to seperate from the upper main section. The main section is fastened to the base with about 15 screws. We knew that after the screws came off, the seperated sections could be moved through the hallways and doors. The best way to move the pieces was to use straps and dollies.

Straps Dollies
straps and dollies

After the screws came off, the top section is lifted and some boards placed between the sections to allow us to put the straps around the machine.

Straps are holding dollies in place... Set to lift

With the top wedged up, you can see there are several wires and hoses going from top section to bottom section. These hoses and wires need to be disconnected and tied back. Some door panels were removed to allow some places to hold and lift the machine.

The RL-80-1290 is a rather heavy laser machine. It took about 5 guys to lift the top off and lay it on the side. Using the straps to hold the dollies in place saves some headache and worry of if something would slip.

Machine on it's side .. top view Machine on it's side .. bottom view
The machine was easily rolled passed some machines in the shop. You can see the first doorway on the left of the picture.

Machine on it's side .. Base is viewed in front.
Two of the guys just picked up the base and carried it through the hallways ... similar to carrying a coffee table or small sofa.

The Base is ready to set the top section back on.
Base is ready to set the top section back on. Four guys lifted the top section back onto the bottom section. Take care not to get wires or hoses crimped between the two sections.

Getting the machine back together.
The two sections are ready to remove straps, check the wires aren't caught between sections, align the screw holes.. The pictures shows Sarah as she releases the strap's clamp.

Once the screws are put back in, the wires are reconnected to the base. Other hoses and wires were taped in place for the move.. The machine is ready for the standard installation / setup. The entire move up to the thrid floor location took less than an hour.

I have seen laser machines taken into offices through windows, cut out the door frames, lifted six feet to a dock level... This move was actually not too hard. I did a similar "dissassembly / reassembly" delivery with an RL-60-9060 just a few days later. The sections of the RL9060 are light enough that it only takes two guys to do the lifting (I thank God for those little dollies and straps).

UPDATE... We have found an easier way to take the machine apart and put back together The process of taking the machine apart is easier if machine

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