Attention Before Operating Laser

  1. The laser machine must be connected to an earth ground using a copper wire. It is also recommended to connect the laser machine frame to the computer frame with a copper wire.
  2. The temperature of the cooling water must be from 5C to 25C. Check the water temperature often to ensure the temperature does not get hot.
  3. Allow the water to circulate for a few minutes so that the metal and glass components can aclimate to the new temperatures.
  4. Make sure to carefully follow the installation instruction for the laser tube.
  5. While performing alignment, use the control system to move each axis... or remove the motor wires from the amplifiers. Manually moving the axis with the motor wires connected can cause electrical feedback to the amplifier and cause damage to those electrical parts inside.
  6. Do NOT try to cut or engrave before properly aligning the laser beam.
  7. Do NOT place flamable materials into the laser machine. Do not operate the laser if you smell flamable gas in the air.
  8. Keep the lens and mirrors clean.
  9. Follow a proper maintenance schedule of cleaning and lubrication for the laser machine.
  10. The power supply, electrical components, and all wires must remain dry.
  11. Turn on the laser machine with emergency stop pressed, test the internal light, then release the emergency stop button to activate entire machine power.
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