What about FONTS for my laser software?

Ther LaserCut 5.x software uses whatever fonts are included in your computer system. If you want more fonts, then simply add more fonts to the Windows font directory. You can purchase any specialty fonts that you may want. There are MANY fonts that get installed with Corel and also with MS Office. Many people throughout the Internet have created fonts and make those fonts free and available for download.

Some of my Favorite Fonts.

YES... We will be adding more free fonts as we get time to do so.

Some of my preferred web sites for downloading free fonts.

A word about respecting fonts:
    You may not reconstruct, deconstruct, reverse engineer, decompile, or reproduce any design or component of the Fonts packages or security devices. Each font package may have its own set of "End User License Agreements". The preinstallation of such software packages does not remove the end user from obligation to uphold the terms of the agreements. Most all font packages offered here have been collected from freeware sites. If you attempt to install font or software which requests payment for usage, then you need to comply with such terms for payment or cancel installation.

Access the directory for additional font packages here...

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