I bought my laser machine from some other company ... (or direct from china)... Now I can't get any technical support. My machine isn't working right. I don't understand the software. I can't align the laser beam. I am having trouble. Please help.

Quick Answer:

We prefer to give our attention to our paid customers.. We can help by email, web camera, computer control, or by phone.

Complete Answer:

We prefer to give our attention to our customers.. We hate to see any person having trouble with their laser system. We are offering up to 4 hours of assistance for $250. The assistance is by phone / internet connection / emails. We can use web cameras or even take control of your computer. This option must be approved before we agree to the assistance.. (we want to know that we can actually help with your laser system).

The 4 hours of help must be used within normal business hours and within 5 business days.

The $250USD does not include any parts that may be needed to fix your damaged laser machine.

FAQ item was submitted: 5/29/2012 By: Raymond L. Scott

Contact: Raymond L. Scott ... Owner Engineer,, (513) 217-5707

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