We have a problem with our new HX1290SE machine. We have just had a new filtered extraction unit installed. I plugged it into the back of the laser and when I turned on the fan it shut down the machine. Obviously it has overloaded the circuit. This won`t be a problem in the future as the extraction unit can be plugged in elsewhere, however at the moment I can`t seem to locate a reset button anywhere to get the laser going again.

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Tripped breaker or blown fuse.

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Most likely that you have overloaded the breaker inside the laser machine electrical panel. There is also a fuse inside the plastic connector where the power cord attaches to the laser machine. The fuse is appropriate to the wattage of the laser tube and size of workable.
150 watt laser... 15 amp fuse.
80 watt laser... 12 amp fuse.
40 or 60 watt laser... 10 amp fuse.

Rare situation ... The power strip inside the electrical panel says it has voltage when everything is turned off, but the voltage drops to nothing when I try to turn the machine on. ... The fuse is blown. The fuse that is used is a sand filled glass. The electricity is conducted in the sand and only shows a voltage, but no usable current is available... Replace the fuse.

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