Where do I find a replacement lightbulb for illuminating inside my laser machine workspace?

Quick Answer: ... or ... . Make sure to measure the old light bulb and get an exact fit.

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I have done some measuring.. on a few different 6040 laser machines. We have had at least two different light fixtures for that laser machine model.

The lightbulb inside the laser machine is sure to be a T5. You need to measure the bulb length .. including the electrical connector probes. For most of the machines. the distance should be about 22 inches. You can look at the old lightbulb to see if it has some part number or other markings. Our lightbulb here is marked with AFL / F14T5 / 14W / 841. That tells me it is a T5 diameter (about 5/8 inches diameter). The wattage is 14 watts. The color is 4100k (cool white).

I was able to find a similar lightbulb from

High Output version.. F24T5HO $9.40

Description of 24-Watt T5 HO Fluorescent Light Bulbs These 24-watt T5 high output linear fluorescent light bulbs, available in three color temperatures, have a 20,000 hour life.
•Three Models:
F24T5-830-HO - 3000K (warm white)
F24T5-835-HO - 3500K (neutral white)
F24T5-841-HO - 4100K (cool white)
•Nominal Length: 22 inches long (Nominal Length for linear fluorescent light bulbs includes the length of the lamp plus "the proper allowance for standard lamp sockets".)

•Diameter: glass envelope is 5/8in (0.625in) in diameter
•Bipin Bases: bipin base at both ends; will not fit into T12 bipin sockets
•3 Color Temperatures: color temperature varies with the lamp selected - 3000K is warm white, 3500K is neutral white, 4100K is cool white
•Very Good CRI: CRI is 85 for all T5 HO lamps
•Very Good Rated Life: rated life is 20,000 hours on average

Exact replacement from

F14T5 Fluorescent Lamp - Warm White
Price: $7.95
Product Code: B519141
Light Output:1200 Lumens
Energy Used:14 Watts
Rated Life:15,000 Hours
Base:G5 - Miniature Bipin
Length:22 Inches
Diameter:.625 Inch
Color Temperature:3500K
Bulb Type:T5

The important issue is to make sure the new lightbulb will fit into the existing fixture.

If you have the measurements, you might get lucky to find the lightbulb in your local hardware store.

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