IMPORTANT!! What if I want to buy a Laser Engraving machine direct from China?

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Please take into consideration the costs of importing a machine from China

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One machine $3,999, Seller's shipping charge $880, Customs broker fees, FDA processing and approval fees, Bonding fees, harbor fees, Freight forwarder fees, warehouse fees, Shippers port inspection fees, Distination port inspection fees, Devan fees, crate marking and tracking fees, Customs agent inspection fees...etc. My first import from China consisted of 10 small crates. I thought this would be OK to ship and would save shipping costs by buying more and shipping all together. Yes, it should have costs less than shipping seperate, but the total shipping charges were over $7,000. The seller's shipping charge was only supposed to be $2,100. That is where I ran into about $5,000 of learning experiences. Your best deal is really to purchase from a company that has experience in importing Lasers from China. Do NOT buy from a company that doesn't explain the true costs and legalities of importing a laser system into the USA. Do NOT purchase from a company that says they "haven't needed that FDA form before". You could stand to pay a LOT of more fees and loose your entire shipment. There are some chinese companies that don't care what your shipping charges are after it leaves their company... it isn't their legal responsibility. Buying large priced items on the internet (ebay) from China is an easy way to get scammed.

Any good company is going to have recent software and support applications.

Make sure that the pictures of the company products are not "doctored" by MS paint. The machine logo shouldn't be painted on with a mouse click. See if the machine pictures are of the machines ..while they are at the factory in China.. or are in the shop in the USA. Ask for new pictures of obscure areas... "UH, can you show me a picture of the mounting feet? What does the laser power supply look like?"

Machines that work well don't really need a lot of technical support. Treat them right. Don't crash the axis. Keep the tube cool, Properly set the focal distance. I really recommend a real air compressor and local pressure regulator. The local coolant pump and tank is a great idea... get a chiller if it is available and in the budget.

All machines come with some technical support. Even if the seller is an individual, the Chinese manufacturers do speak english and are ready to read my emails and your emails. Buying from a small company or individual can often mean that you get a much better price. buying from Rabbit Laser USA means that you get services, tech support, a turnkey system, and a fair price.

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