Why is my machine not cutting as well as it did when it was new?

Quick Answer:

There are a few things to check here. Make sure you are in focus. Check the lens and mirrors for debris. Check to make sure the machine beam is properly aligned. Make sure the lens and mirrors are clean. Make sure the coolant is at a reasonable temperature.

Complete Answer:

Check the focus on the machine. Check the lens and mirrors to see if they are dirty. There is a tutorial on our website for proper cleaning techniques. Make sure that the machine is aligned, there is a tutorial for this as well. If the machine is focused, clean, aligned, and the coolant is at or below about 80 F then check the laser tube. Make sure there is no arcing when the tube is firing. If none of this works, the lens, mirrors, or laser tube may need to be replaced as these are all consumable goods on the machine.

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