I imported a DXF file into lasercut but it didn't come in the correct size. How do I import my DXF files and keep them the right size? They are originally in inches.

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Change the CAD software to define the project measurement units. .. or resize the project in LaserCut software with the "Size" command.

Complete Answer:

You have two options.

You can check your settings in the CAD software. Sometimes people leave the drawing settings as an undefined unit. The important thing is for the DXF file to embed the measurement units in the file. I know that AutoCAD and other software do this correctly. The LaserCut 5.3 software will import a DXF file and likes the version 2000 files the best. So long as the measurement is unit defined, the Lasercut 5.3 will import the correct size in Metric.

The second option is for if you don't have control over the CAD software. You can import the image and insert into the drawing space. Select the items that you want to resize. Items should turn Red. Press "Control"+"G" keys or select the "size" command from the menu. Notice the current width and height dimensions. You can set a new width and height. If the original size was undefined, but in inches, then you can multiply the inches by 25.4 to get the prper size in millimeters.

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