What focal lens comes with the laser machine?

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A 50.8mm focal length lens is typical, but others can be requested.

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Customers often get a "55mm lens". This lens is often called a 55mm, but is actually a 50.8mm focal length. It is a great lens for shallow engraving most any laserable material. This lens also works very well for cutting many materials that are 3/8 inch (9mm) and thinner.
The lens is Plano-Convex. This means that the lens is planer (flat) on the bottom side and Convex (curved outward) on the top side. The laser beam should enter the top(curved side) and exit the bottom (flat side).
I recommend using the 100mm lens if you really plan for your business to be cutting thicker materials that are very low density. Make sure that your machine will be equipped with a focal tube that has an air assist. You would need to use the air assist to clear debris from the kerf.
A standard Chinese focal lens of 55mm should cost $100-$175 or less. A lens made in Singapore should cost about $200-$275 A US made 55mm lens can cost about $350-$600. A seriously premium US made lens can cost $1200 and more.

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