I try to start my LaserCut software and get an error that says "Plug in softdog and restart the software". The software doesn't start. What is wrong?

Quick Answer:

Make sure the USB Dongle is plugged in and the device drivers are loaded into the Windows Device Manager.

Complete Answer:

The error that produces the "Plug in softdog and restart the software" is directly related to the White-Blue USB device(or other Dongle for LaserCut). The laser system utilizes a USB dongle to authorize the software. The software will NOT work without the dongle in place. If someone has removed, stolen, or otherwise broken the USB Dongle, then it would need to be replaced. If you are sure that the dongle is functional, then you should check that the driver is loaded into your Windows "Device Manager"...Senselock Elite IV version 2.xx

The error that you have seen does not apply to the Laser Control board. The USB cable for the laser machine is related to the LTUSB driver ... This item shows up in the "Device Manager" .. category of "USB Devices" as "LTUSB (68013A)".

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