I'm upgrading the ventilation system. Do you have a CFM of draw that you recommend?

Quick Answer:

Go as high CFM as you can afford and put up with the noise.

Complete Answer:

The CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) flow rate of a fan is difficult to measure. It is further complicated by downstream resistance to the air flow and “minor losses”. Our suggestion is to use a high flow fan/blower and a duct of at least 6 inches diameter. We sell a 700CFM blower fan. This fan is good for most applications. We also sell a larger fan that is surely 1200CFM..and works better for trying to get rid of the nasty acrylic smell. Take into consideration the length of exhaust tubing, leaks in the pipe, smell of the exhaust fume... and more. My advice is to use the highest flow that you can afford and still put up with the noise.

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