What is the min / max values I can put in for speed, power and scan gap in engraving. I noticed that 325 and 625 went the same as 150000 for speed.

Quick Answer:

Min speed for engraving should be 101. A lower engraving speed might be used on odd versions of the LaserCut 5.3 software. Actual speed depends on accel / decal rates with your engrave size.

Complete Answer:

The minimum speed for engraving should be 101. The maximum speed has been found to be 1000, 1200, an 1400 mm/sec.. depending on the software version that was found. The actual speed depends on the distance that the head will traverse and given the acceleration and deceleration rates. The system needs to be configured with the consideration of the capabilities of the stepper motors, belt torque/flex, gantry inertia. I have found the best performance (for glass laser tube response) to be nearest 325mm/sec.

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