Computer Systems

It is not our business to sell refurbished computers, but we have found this is the best solution, since a PC is needed by the laser systems. Each of the computer systems is refurbished. Usually, the systems are one year old and coming off of a company lease. The computers are rebuilt and thoroughly tested. The system is then modified to hold the laser machine's hardware and software.. and then tested again. All of the optional software is installed and the computer is ready to serve the new owner.. By providing the computer system for the laser system, we are able to eliminate the question of driver/hardware related incompatabilities... no problems with unknown computers.

Dell GX280 Computer System with 19in LCD Monitor

Price: The value of the computer system is normally included with the price of the laser system. Check your sales quote or ask the sales rep to make sure.
1) Dell Computer
    Pentium 4, 2.8GHz Processor, 1024MB RAM, 40GB HD, CD-ROM, USB/Serial/Parallel/Network/Video ports,
1) Dell 108-key Keyboard
1) Dell Scroll Mouse
1) Dell 19 inch LCD Monitor

Computers systems are subject to change (without notice) depending on the systems available. We will make our best attempts to ensure that the systems are equal to or better than the specifications listed here. We do not sell computer systems aside from laser systems. You may choose to not purchase our computer system, but you will NEED to prove that your computer is better than what we are offering. We simply want to ensure that the computer will not introduce problems to the laser machine/system. The Rabbit Laser USA software will install onto Windows computers with Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. We believe that the LaserCut 5.x software will run on a MAC/Apple simulation of Windows if the specific computer uses an Intel processor. That software is called "Parallels". If we setup the laser system at your site and are asked to install software to your computer, there may be an additional fee. Please don't ask for a tech to install software onto a computer that is not Windows-based.

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