Misc. Parts for Laser Engraver / Cutter Machines

High Pressure Air-Assist Kit
         The air assist feature can be added to most any laser machine with a Leetro controller. Please make sure to follow the tutorial when changing your electrical system. A shop air line should not be used unless it is completely dry and is controlled for air pressure or flow control. This air assist kit comes with a pressure regulator that incorporates an air-spin filter. The control portion of the kit includes an arrangement of logic relay, pipes, fittings, control solenoid, flow control valve, and restrictor orifice.

Air Compressor: Use your company air compressor

Item no longer sold.. But you can build it yourself with these instructions.

Honeycomb Worktable

         The standard worktable had been know to be aluminum honeycomb or aluminum slats. We have chosen to use the iron-based honeycomb. The shape is the same as the aluminum, but is much much durable. The iron does not reflect the laser light so much as the aluminum and withstands the laser beam just as well. The iron has the added bonus that magnets can be used to hold down materials that might otherwise blow around, bow or warp, or just use as a quick template.

5030 - Iron HoneyComb Work Table Insert (WWWWxDDDDmm)
$140 IHCWK-5030

6040 - Iron HoneyComb Work Table Insert (389x590mm)
$175 IHCWK-6040

7040 - Iron HoneyComb Work Table Insert (WWWWxDDDDmm)
$195 IHCWK-7040

9060 - Iron HoneyComb Work Table Insert (587x889mm)
$225 IHCWK-9060 .. Currently on backorder

1290 - Iron HoneyComb Work Table Insert (889x1191mm)
$295 IHCWK-1290

5030 - Aluminum Slats Work Table Insert (WWWWxDDDDmm)
$140 ASWK-5030

6040 - Aluminum Slats Work Table Insert (389x590mm)
$175 ASWK-6040

7040 - Aluminum Slats Work Table Insert (WWWWxDDDDmm)
$195 ASWK-7040

9060 - Aluminum Slats Work Table Insert (587x889mm)
$225 ASWK-9060

1290 - Aluminum Slats Work Table Insert (889x1191mm)
$295 ASWK-1290

Linear Guideway - Carriage / Bearing
         The Linear guide block supports the focal head on the gantry. Two linear guide blocks are used to support the gantry over the work table.

Linear Guideway - Carriage / Bearing / Guide Block

Also stock the following parts:

  • THK SSR15

Roller Bearing

Roller Bearing
$price Ball Bearing size and part number

Also stock the following parts: (ID, OD, Thickness)

  • Roller Bearing 688 (8, 16, 5mm) $1.25
  • Roller Bearing 686z (6, 13, 5mm) $1.50
  • Roller Bearing 6801z (12, 21, 5mm) $2.50
  • Roller Bearing 6901z (12, 24, 6mm) $4
  • Roller Bearing 6801zz (12, 21, 5mm) $2.50
  • Roller Bearing 6001z (12, 28, 8mm) $4

Gas Spring - Support Lift
         The gas spring support the main door to allow the operator lift and close the door easier. The gas springs come in sizes appropriate to the weight being lifted and the length of the mechanism as closed and open. Make sure to select the proper mechanism with open/closed lengths and end mountings. Captive Ball(B)...Eyelet(E)?

Gas Spring - Ball Socket Connections - 22cm closed - 35cm open
$20 GSB-22-35

Gas Spring - Eyelet Connections - 18cm closed - 28cm open
$18 GSE-18-28

Gas Spring - Eyelet/BallSocket Connections - 18cm closed - 29cm open
$18 GSEB-18-29

Gas Spring - Eyelet Connections - 20cm closed - 30cm open
$19 GSE-20-30

Gas Spring - Eyelet Connections - 25.5cm closed - 40cm open
$21 GSE-25.5-40

Future Products

  • Safety Glasses
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Smoke
    • Clear
    • Goggles

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