Motion Controllers and related Parts for Laser Engraver / Cutter Machines

USB Motion Controller System

         The motion controller system consists of the Leetro Motion Controller, Operator Pad, Op-PAD Interconnect Cable, USB Cable(3 meters long), Software, and Authorization Dongle.

Leetro USB Control System 6515 and PAD-03
$950 CTRLSYS6515

Leetro USB Control System 6525 and PAD-04
$975 CTRLSYS6525

Leetro USB Control System 6535 and PAD-04
$1025 CTRLSYS6535

Leetro USB Control System 6565 and PAD-04
$1125 CTRLSYS6565

Leetro USB Control System 6575 and Operator PAD
$1225 CTRLSYS6575

USB Motion Controllers

Leetro USB Controller 6515
$575 CTRL6515

Leetro USB Controller 6525 (Replaces 6515)
$600 CTRL6525

Leetro USB Controller 6535
$650 CTRL6535

Leetro USB Controller 6565
$750 CTRL6565

Leetro USB Controller 6575
$850 CTRL6575

Operator Interface

Leetro Operator Interface PAD-03
$130 PAD-03

Leetro Operator Interface PAD-04
$160 PAD-04

Operator Interface PAD3 Wire-Cable
$30 PAD3-CBL

Operator Interface PAD4 Wire-Cable
$35 PAD4-CBL

LaserCut Authorization Dongles

LaserCut Dongle White

LaserCut Dongle Green

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